Sunday, January 5, 2014

1920s - Organdy Party Dress

I was given a 1920's organdy party dress (or bridesmaid dress) to wear to a Great Gatsby Party! The beautiful bright green cotton organdy with delicate embroidery and faggoting was in perfect shape. The multi-color silk ribbon tie with matching rosettes was sadly in shreds.

1920 cotton organdy party dress
Embroidered belt loop

shredded ribbons on the sash
To salvage the dress, I decided to remake the sash:
1. First I ordered new satin ribbon from M&J trimmings in New York City. They carry a vast selection of silk satin double face ribbon of very good quality and many color choices.
2. I then examined the original rosettes to see if I could recreate them.
original rosette - note the black jet bead in center

original rosette - back view
 3. I then assembled the hand sewing tools I would use - especially a thimble to protect my figure tip

tools I will need

 4. I started the hand sewing process
sew a tube out of ribbon
stitch a basting thread around one edge
gather the basting thread carefully
almost done

stitch rosette to ribbon
 5. The finished rosettes - look exactly like the original sash!
finished rosette with jet beads stitched in center - compare to original rosettes

 6. Ready to attend the Great Gatsby party!
at the Art Deco Society of California Great Gatsby Party - September 2013
a 90 year old dress hits the dance floor!